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The Robin Hood Way was initially planned by members of the Nottingham Wayfarers’ Rambling Club, specifically Roland Price and Alec Hickton, in commemoration of it’s Golden Jubilee in 1982, from an idea by Chris Thompson,

The original route of 84 miles from Nottingham Castle to Edwinstowe Church was opened in 1985 with the intention of linking all the places in Nottinghamshire with connections to the legend of Robin Hood. However these are well scattered around the County so since there are also several Country Parks and other interesting places it seemed obvious to include them in order to add to the appeal of the Way.

A guidebook was published and proved so popular that it quickly became sold out so a second edition appeared in the early 1990s. Again this proved to be a success and it was decided that when the next edition was released, in 1995, the route should be extended to 105 miles with the purpose of including the historic, Minster town of Southwell. Other minor route alterations and improvements were made to bring it up to date but basically the Way has remained unchanged and has been enjoyed by ramblers from in and outside Nottinghamshire.

The  current guidebook 2011 has now updated the route going into Mansfield Town and there are route modifications that keep this guidebook alive and of continuing interest to walkers of the route whether it is your first time or you are exploring it again, there is something within its pages to suit all tastes.

There are also several circular route taken from the Robin Hood Way for you to enjoy a days walking exploring the Nottinghamshire countryside for a better appreciation of our beautiful county.

Robin Hood Way Association

Annual General Meeting

Saturday 5th December 2015 at 2.00pm

Old Reindeer Inn, Main Street, Edingley. NG22 8BE

As a consequence of the declining number of members of the Robin Hood Way Association consideration has had to be given to the continuation of the Association.

There is no immediate indication that support is waning to such an extent that the Robin Hood Way will become merely a mark on a map but, with the steady decline in new members and membership in general, a time will come when it is not possible to keep the route fully surveyed, waymarked and functional. It is this lack of willing and able volunteers to maintain the route which is the immediate concern.

With this in mind alternative ways of maintaining the route have been considered and the most obvious means to attract more help is to merge with another Group. The Robin Hood Way Association and the Ramblers already work in close co-operation and have similar objectives, albeit the Robin Hood Way has a more specific objective; Many Robin Hood Way Association members are also members of the Ramblers. It is felt that some form of merger will be to our Associations’ long term benefit.